About Dr. Bakowski


Dr. Bakowski graduated from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1979 after attending the
University of Southwestern Louisiana for undergraduate work.

After graduating, he served as Lieutenant while working as an optometrist in the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington D.C. With his years of experience both in the Navy and in private practice, Dr. Bakowski has developed an outstanding ability to fit a wide variety of contact lenses including toric soft lenses for astigmatism, rigid gas permeable lenses, soft and rigid multi-focal contacts.

With his overall emphasis on quality eye care, he continues his education by completing 16 hours of continuing education classes every year.

Dr. Bakowski expanded the services of his practice by earning his therapeutic license in 2004. This license is the highest level of licensing for an optometrist in Texas, and it allows him to provide medication and treatment for conjunctivitis, foreign body removal, and dry eye/ocular surface disease.

Dr. Bakowski has been in private practice in Weatherford since 1998. He enjoys being able to work with the people of the town of Weatherford, and loves getting to know his patients.

Dr. Bakowski lives in Southlake with his wife, Pamela, and their two children, Elizabeth, and Michael. The Bakowski family shares their home with their 3 dogs, Honey, Benny and Ellie.

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