Complete Vision Care

Welcome to the virtual office of Dr. Joseph Bakowski, Therapeutic Optometrist! We are conveniently located at the Weatherford Wal-Mart. Our highly skilled Therapeutic Doctor of Optometry conducts comprehensive eye exams ranging from updating your prescription glasses, to contact lens fitting to ocular health concerns. Dr. Bakowski offers convenient hours, with appointments available Monday through Saturday each week. Most major insurance plans are accepted. Please contact our friendly staff at 817 596-7007 for an appointment today.

Eye Health

State-of-the-Art Technology and Diagnostics •Preventative Care •Retinal Imaging •Floaters •Foreign Body Removal •Eye Injuries and Infections •Cataract Evaluation •Diabetic Eye Examinations •Dry Eye Management

Vision Correction

Complete eye examinations to correct vision issues with eyeglasses prescriptions written for: •Myopia •Hyperopia •Presbyopia •Single Vision •Bi-focal •Astigmatism

Contact Lenses

Contact lens prescriptions, fitting and training are available for our patients. We prescribe: •Corrective and Cosmetic Colored Lenses • Daily •Extended •Bi-focal •Mono Vision •Astigmatism

Office Hours

•Monday- Friday 9am-6pm •Saturday 9am-5pm •Sunday Closed •Closed daily from 1pm-2pm for lunch.



We are conveniently located at 1836 S. Main Suite 101 Weatherford, Tx at the Weatherford Wal-Mart. You will find our door in between the main entry doors towards the right.